Westpac chief economist Dominick Stephens

Bank economists defend OCR positions after Wheeler’s sideswipe

Thu 4 Feb 2

The Reserve Bank governor was not naming names but the opinions speak for themselves.

RBNZ governor Graeme Wheeler (Photo: Rob Hosking)

Currency talk: NZ dollar flat despite an eventful last week

Tue 2 Feb

Jason Walls and BNZ's Jason Wong discuss the global currency market news. With special audio feature.

Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler (Photo: Rob Hosking)

Cheap oil may spur Reserve Bank to rethink flat OCR

Fri 22 Jan 2

Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler will keep the OCR at 2.5% next Thursday.

MORE UPBEAT: NZIER senior economist Christina Leung says the low oil price is a good news story for the economy

Cheap oil poses a problem for central bank policymakers

Fri 22 Jan

The dramatic collapse in the price of oil should put a smile on the face of every motorist but it may also have implications for New Zealand’s interest rates.


NZIER senior economist Christina Leung (Photo: Rob Hosking)

Firms on hiring spree as business mood rebounds

Tue 19 Jan

Optimism returns, with firms investing and hiring more into 2016. With special audio feature.

Former RBNZ executive Michael Reddell

Behind the Reserve Bank’s ‘hawkish cut’

Wed 16 Dec 1

This term itself, at first, glance, seems almost counterintuitive – if an OCR cut is a dovish decision, then how can the Reserve Bank’s decision be a 'hawkish cut'?


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