US president Barack Obama

Obama vetos Keystone oil pipe line

Thu 26 Feb 15 2

The last time Mr Obama wielded his veto power was almost half a decade ago.

Commodities tracker Branton Kenton-Dau

Oil price rise mid-year?

Fri 20 Feb 15

A commodities tracker thinks he knows when the price of oil will rise.

Chevron Corp CEO John S. Watson

Oil bankruptcies ahead as supply glut continues rise

Wed 4 Feb 15

As oil supply continues to rise, producers begin to feel the pinch.

SABIC chief executive Mohammad al-Mady

Saudis feel oil pinch as IEA predicts long-term gains

Mon 19 Jan 15 3

Saudi Arabia's largest listed company slices 2014 earnings but IEA points to rising future demand.

World Week Ahead: Eyes on US consumer, Greece

Mon 29 Dec 14

Wall Street begins the week at a record level and is likely to go higher

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Analysis: A Russian collapse was only a matter of time

Thu 18 Dec 14 4

Its economic problems are structural as it potentially heads into recession.


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