An oil refinery, Shell at Martinez, California

Will the United States reach energy independence?

Sat 19 Oct 13 2

Thanks to a revolution in shale oil extraction technologies American shale oil output has leaped in the past six years.

Mike Bennetts

What future petrol price will be - Z Energy boss

Sat 12 Oct 13

Mike Bennetts tips the price of oil to drop and the petrol price at the pump to rise over the next decade.

Greenpeace’s executive director Bunny McDiarmid

Greenpeace: mining sector gets easy ride

Sun 8 Sep 13 5

The Government is bending over backwards to help the oil and gas sectors at the cost to taxpayers, says Greenpeace’s executive director Bunny McDiarmid.

Simon Bridges

Public right to oppose oil exploration: Bridges rubbishes 'no protest' claims

Sun 8 Sep 13 4

Claims new laws will ban protests about offshore oil exploration or drilling are “rubbish”, says Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges.


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