Z chief executive Mike Bennetts

Petrol prices rise and fall faster these days - NZIER

Tue 21 Apr 3

"Both oil price reductions and oil price increases end up in retail prices more quickly than they used to," says NZIER.

International Energy Agency director Maria van der Hoeven

Oil prices could be in for second crash

Fri 20 Mar 2

US storage fears may be overblown but shale drillers continue to churn more oil than the market demands.

Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler

Cheap oil to boost national income by $2.4B a year - RBNZ

Thu 12 Mar

"It also boosts demand growth in the economy: at a national level the fall in the price of imported oil raises New Zealand's purchasing power, as measured by the terms of trade," the bank said

US president Barack Obama

Obama vetos Keystone oil pipe line

Thu 26 Feb 2

The last time Mr Obama wielded his veto power was almost half a decade ago.

Commodities tracker Branton Kenton-Dau

Oil price rise mid-year?

Fri 20 Feb

A commodities tracker thinks he knows when the price of oil will rise.

Chevron Corp CEO John S. Watson

Oil bankruptcies ahead as supply glut continues rise

Wed 4 Feb

As oil supply continues to rise, producers begin to feel the pinch.


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