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Industry clamours for milk powder fake test

Wed 21 Nov 5

What killer swine flu cost NZ – research

Thu 8 Nov 1

Otago University researchers estimate the 2009 pandemic which killed 49 people cost hospitals millions of dollars.

Roger Moses in June 2012, a month after his release

NBR's Moses story becomes legal case study


NBR’s exclusive story on the remarkable fall from grace of Nathans Finance chairman Roger Moses is going to be used as a case study for New Zealand law students.

Organic sector worth half a billion

Mon 19 Apr

New Zealand’s organic sector has grown rapidly in the last few years and is now worth about $500 million, according to a survey conducted by Otago University.

Industry body Organics Aotearoa New Zealand (OANZ) commissioned the survey, which hasn’t been officially released.

New Zealand’s organic export market has grown to between $170 million and 180 million, an increase of about $50 million since 2007.

Working out the value of the domestic organic market is more difficult but the study estimated it to be between $280 million and $350 million dollars.

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