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Overseas Investment Office

NZ Super benefits from $1b property sale

New Zealand Superfund CEO Adrian Orr

Sam Zell’s dairy investment, Fonterra’s real revenue lags, dark pool dangers and weighing Scales

The US real estate mogul has emerged as a shareholder of a New Zealand dairy investment company

SkyCity Moller’s surprise over OIO conflict query

Chris Moller

Sir Bob Jones takes on Europe, pressure on Cunliffe, Moller’s red flag, and taxman avoidance shift

Robt Jones Holdings is setting up an England office

How foreign investors are tripping our legal backstops

Bryce Wilkinson

FMA to seize Sheppard ‘evidence’, Sir Roger flays welfare state, fishing giants mull levy cuts and Mt Gox accounts twist

Supposedly new information about failed property lender Hanover Finance interests FMA