Owen Glenn

Glenn Inquiry chair Bill Wilson on The Nation

RAW DATA: Lisa Owen interviews Glenn Inquiry chair Bill Wilson

Sun 30 Nov 14

Bill Wilson talks about the implications of the Glenn Inquiry into family violence.

Our British hangover

WEEKEND REVIEW Fri 13 Jul 12 13

BOOK EXTRACT: Making a Difference by Owen Glenn | The billionaire explains why Australians have a better attitude to business, and life; fronts on his controversial $100,000 donation to Winston Peters; cringes at his decision to donate $500,000 to Labour; and delivers messages to the government, Fonterra and Maori. 

Speculation on new NZ Herald owners

Wed 9 May 12 7

The names of two high-profile businessmen are doing the rounds at the newspaper, as its parent company conducts a "strategic review" of its New Zealand assets. 

Owen Glenn

Glenn takes 50% Warriors stake

Fri 2 Mar 12 17

Kiwi billionaire Owen Glenn has bought into the league team.

Owen Glenn

Glenn throws support, and cash, behind bail law protest

Mon 20 Feb 12 7

Owen Glenn is the latest high profile New Zealander to get behind a campaign aimed at changing the country's bail laws.


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