Owen Glenn

Our British hangover

Fri 13 Jul 12 13

BOOK EXTRACT: Making a Difference by Owen Glenn | The billionaire explains why Australians have a better attitude to business, and life; fronts on his controversial $100,000 donation to Winston Peters; cringes at his decision to donate $500,000 to Labour; and delivers messages to the government, Fonterra and Maori. 

Speculation on new NZ Herald owners

Wed 9 May 12 7

The names of two high-profile businessmen are doing the rounds at the newspaper, as its parent company conducts a "strategic review" of its New Zealand assets. 

Owen Glenn

Glenn takes 50% Warriors stake

Fri 2 Mar 12 17

Kiwi billionaire Owen Glenn has bought into the league team.

Owen Glenn

Glenn throws support, and cash, behind bail law protest

Mon 20 Feb 12 7

Owen Glenn is the latest high profile New Zealander to get behind a campaign aimed at changing the country's bail laws.


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