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pacific fibre

Fletcher in crosshairs, Hirepool IPO questioned, Wherescape feeds the beast and who’s got $360m?

Official documents reveal the prime targets for government moves to reduce building material costs

Pacific Fibre II: Background and questions for new players

Pacific Fibre co-founder Lance Wiggs

Kim Dotcom is the first, among many I believe, to try to resurrect the case for Pacific Fibre. This has created a bit of a media kerfuffle, and so let’s get some background and questions for Kim and any other potential new players to answer.

Kim Dot Com or Kim Dot Come on?

Paul Brislen

GUEST OPINION: If nothing else, Kim Dotcom’s tweet about reviving Pacific Fibre has reignited debated about whether we need a competitive international cable market for New Zealand. The short answer is yes.

Kim Dotcom’s fibre fantasy vs Rod Drury’s PPP reality

Kim Dotcom

Dotcom's "plan" is nothing more than buffoonery - but it has put an new cable back on the agenda at at time when Rod Drury has formally begun a push for a public-private cable. UPDATED with comments from Rod Drury.

Hawaiki's hazy Pacific cable plan gets hazier

Mark Rushworth: Hawaiki is SPIN in drag

A new cable player with some familiar faces.