Peter Dunne

Phillip Smith's CCTV image was the only thing caught at Auckland Airport (NZ Police).

Fugitive murderer-molester’s passport cancelled – five days after he fled NZ

Tue 11 Nov 14 1

Smith makes contact with lawyer | Corrections suspends temporary release programme.

Winston Peters, Peter Dunne and Jamie Whyte (TV3)

Election 2014: outliers will determine govt

Fri 19 Sep 14

Election 2014 is really a choice between more-ish of the same, kind of; or a clutch of left wing parties resembling more a student representative council with delusions of grandeur than an alternative government

Cunliffe and Key: The final week of the election campaign is like the final 10 minutes of a test match
Peter Dunne says the pledge was a "personal decision"

Peter Dunne signs boycott Israel petition

Sat 6 Sep 14

Four MPs sign a pledge to “require” the NZ Super Fund to withdraw its investments in companies that are said to profit from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


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