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Phil Goff

Labour’s woes: Parker rules out leadership challenge amid rumours

David Parker and David Cunliffe

Labour's Michelle Boag moment

Michelle Boag

Labour flogs dead asset-sale horse

Winston Peters: Knows how to play the game

OPENING SALVO The party desperately needs a new issue, but Winston Peters has recognised that government share offers, once under way, tend to become popular.

Jovial John beats po-faced Phil in photo stakes as academic cries foul

Phil Goff

John Key’s photo featured 138 times and Phil Goff just 80 times during the last election campaign.

McCully wants cuts to MFAT consulting costs

Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully

Foreign Affairs Minister is looking for cuts in the $2.8 million budgeted for consultants to complete his ministry's controversial restructuring.

TPP - China wants in, says its man in Wellington

Chinese embassy political counsellor Cheng Lee

PLUS: China is looking at joining the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a controversial trade agreement between NZ, the US, Australia and other countries around the Pacific.