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Phil Goff

Smoking gun letter emerges as IG opens Slater-SIS investigation

Goff seizes on letter from former SIS head Warren Tucker that seems to contradict John Key's version of events. | Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security opens investigation | UPDATE: Key responds and Ombudsman, forrmer SIS boss back his story.

PM lying over Hager's SIS allegation — Goff

Phil Goff on The Nation

Dirty Politics alleges Whale Oil was tipped off to ask the Security Intelligence Service for confidential documents about a briefing Phil Goff was given in 2011.

Slater says he's getting death threats

Cameron Slater on The Nation

The Whale Oil talks to Lisa Owen about allegations in Nicky Hager's book, Dirty Politics | Furore over whether Hager was put in harm's way when his address was posted on Slater's site.

Labour’s woes: Parker rules out leadership challenge amid rumours

David Parker and David Cunliffe

Labour's Michelle Boag moment

Michelle Boag

Labour flogs dead asset-sale horse

Winston Peters: Knows how to play the game

OPENING SALVO The party desperately needs a new issue, but Winston Peters has recognised that government share offers, once under way, tend to become popular.