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phil o'reilly

Talk to us on power, Parker tells business lobby

David Parker

"Hyperbolic claims about capital flight and wealth destruction do not impress us or add nothing to the debate."

Employment watchdog may be forced to issue decisions on spot

Simon Bridges: more certainty, fairness and flexibility (TV3)

Hot real estate market underpins service industries activity

Steady expansion underpinned by rising activity in the banking, financial and legal services industries.

To Mondayise or Fridayise public holidays: Business responds

Phil O'Rielly: Mondayising Waitangi and Anzac Days less invasive

Given the option to choose which end of the week public holidays should be celebrated, and at the risk of sacrificing the value of "Friday drinks", businesses have Monday-itis.

Thousands of new service sector jobs tipped by end of the year

Latest figures show mixed results for the sector in 2012 and reason for optimism in 2013.

BusinessNZ says apprenticeships scheme will help Chch rebuild

Lobby group urges government agencies to work closely with industry training organisations.