Port of Tauranga

Port of Tauranga chief executive Mark Cairns

Kotahi fails to fire for Port of Tauranga


Forsyth Barr analyst Andy Bowley isn’t alone in this view.

Port of Tauranga isn’t ‘dropping our pants’ to get that cargo

Kotahi fails to fire for Port of Tauranga

Fri 29 Jul

Port of Tauranga has Forsyth Barr analyst Andy Bowley puzzled: “an enigma,” he says of the company, which has near doubled its share price in the last four years, despite no real earnings growth.

Port of Tauranga chairman David Pilkington
WINE FLOW: An artist’s impression of the frontage to WineWorks new bottling plant at Onehunga

Giant bottling plant gears up for wine industry expansion

Fri 3 Jun

The country’s biggest wine bottling plant will open at Onehunga, Auckland in August.

Mark Cairns: “Exporters gain by paying lowest shipping rates in a decade”

Spotlight on Tauranga: Tauranga port ready for megaships

Fri 27 May

Dredging to deepen Tauranga Harbour’s shipping lane to take bigger cargo ships is nearly finished and is ahead of time and under budget.

RICK BOVEN: The port future study chairman says the option of Auckland plus significant investment elsewhere is being covered in the analysis

Northport could be part of Auckland’s future, port study chairman says

Fri 22 Apr

Auckland’s Port Future Study will include the potential contribution of Northport and Tauranga, says study chairman Rick Boven, despite releasing a shortlist that omits them from options being considered.


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