Ports of Auckland

Ports of Auckland chief executive Tony Gibson

Lower exports hurt Ports of Auckland

Tue 23 Aug

Underlying profit before tax was up only $1 million. With special feature audio.

Ports of Auckland chief executive Tony Gibson

Supply chain costs first item on new ports alliance's agenda

Wed 3 Aug

National supply chain opportunities could be on cards for new alliance. With special feature audio.

Ports of Auckland chief executive Tony Gibson

Port alliance struck between Napier and Auckland

Wed 3 Aug

The strategy helps to balance freight flows and gives exporters choice. With special feature audio.

Auckland councillor Cameron Brewer

Brewer defends councillors' vote to kick port relocation decision to touch

Fri 8 Jul

With elections just 90 days away, such a "massive," "intergenerational" decision needs renewed mandate, councillor Cameron Brewer insists. With special feature audio.

Port Future Study independent chairman Dr Rick Boven

Private sector running Auckland port on council-owned land an option, report says

Mon 4 Jul 2

The report made public last week found the council-owned port is likely to need to move in the long-term and identified two favoured sites in the Manukau Harbour and Firth of Thames for further investigation.

Auckland mayoral aspirant Mark Thomas (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

$1 million port report likely to be sidelined till new council elected

Mon 4 Jul 2

Researching a new port location will itself cost millions of dollars.


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