Prime Minister

THE ULTIMATE PRIZE: Winston Peters wants it

Don’t laugh: Winston’s plan to be PM

WEEKEND REVIEW Fri 24 Apr 15 2

All his life, Winston Peters has dreamed of being his generation’s Sir James Carroll.

Cameron Slater and Prime Minister John Key (TVNZ)

Key’s question ducking out of order – Speaker

Thu 23 Oct 14 2

Speaker David Carter says the PM did have his PM hat on when he spoke to Cameron Slater.

David Carter: Nominated for Speaker

Heatley, Wilkinson biggest losers in cabinet reshuffle

Tue 22 Jan 13 9

John Key announces a number of new changes.

Dr Tom Mullholland (TVNZ)

Why PM's fainting fit could be worse – medic's warning

WEEKEND REVIEW Fri 18 Jan 13 9

Emergency department doctor and corporate health expert Dr Tom Mulholland talks to NBR ONLINE about the dangers of executive stress - of which fainting could be a symptom.

John Key collapsed in Christchurch

PM faints on eve of Antarctica visit

Fri 18 Jan 13 26

John Key was taken to hospital to be assessed last night. 

John Key

Key sticks to Dotcom story amid rowdy debate

Tue 16 Oct 12 19

The prime minister's "clarification" to his earlier statements to parliament turns out to be damp squib as he sticks to his story on key dates.  


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