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Prince Charles and Camilla greet and meet in Auckland

Royal visit comes in under budget

Wed 12 Dec 28

The cost to New Zealand taxpayers was nearly $300,000 less than expected. UPDATED: Table - that budget in full.

The Royal couple were hugely popular in Auckland last week

POLL: NBR readers on whether NZ should become a republic

Mon 19 Nov 9

A visit by Prince Charles has sparked the usual debate about whether it's time for New Zealand to sever its ties to the Commonwealth.

Prince Charles, PM John Key and officials in central Christchurch today

Charles rubs everyone up the right way

Fri 16 Nov 2

Prince wows earthquake survivors in Christchurch today.

Charles and Camilla greet and meet in Auckland

OPINION – Royal couple shower happy dust

Fri 16 Nov 11

The time is right for the Queen to abdicate in Charles' favour in the lead up to his next birthday.

Dr Mark Sagar shows Prince Charles his animated baby. (Photo: Caleb Allison)

Prince Charles admires Kiwi innovation, economic success

Mon 12 Nov 10

His Royal Highness has inspected a Sealegs amphibian craft, visited a Shear Brilliance wool exhibition and seen examples of technological innovation at Auckland University.

NZ farmers keen to work with Prince on rebuilding industry

Thu 28 Jan 1

New Zealand woolgrowers have discovered an unlikely ally in the Prince of Wales.

In Britain this week it was revealed Prince Charles had met representatives of the British Wool Marketing Board, farmers and fashion experts to discuss the revival of the fibre.

It was reported that two years ago, the Prince identified the need to boost wool prices after complaints from farmers and tenants of his Duchy of Cornwall estate.

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