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Barrister and information law specialist John Edwards

Privacy you can bank on


COMMENT A denied Kim Dotcom loan application highlights that banks routinely hand over personal information without a warrant.

Chapman Tripp senior associate Marie Wisker

The right and wrong way to snoop on your staff's email

Mon 11 Jun 12 10

In the wake of an employer being reprimanded by the Privacy Commissioner, a legal expert offers some tips.

Collins signals Privacy Act overhaul

Wed 28 Mar 12 4

Changes likely to include mandatory reporting of data breaches, such as that recently suffered by the ACC.

Welfare shake-up targets teenagers

Sun 14 Aug 11 26

The government is going to fundamentally change the welfare system for young people, with it no longer simply handing money over the way it does now.

The IT implications of the Privacy Act changes

Fri 10 Sep 10

Changes to the Privacy Act, passed by Parliament on Tuesday, that mean it is no longer legal to route data through a third country (with more lax laws) on its way to the European Union.

A spokesman for the office of the Privacy Commissioner - which will enforce the change - said it was designed to help New Zealand businesses.

Intellectual property lawyers canvassed by NBR agreed.

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