Property Council

Property Council New Zealand chief executive Connal Townsend

Conflicts of interest not a problem for Property Council

Thu 7 Apr 2

Members are highly educated, principled and aware of approaching conflicts of interest.

Auckland Councillor Mike Lee

Property Council scores cash from Auckland Council

Wed 6 Apr 1

No free lunch in membership fees.

Lobbied council turns lobbyist

Fri 18 Mar

Auckland Council’s cosy connections to lobby groups has to be stopped, irritated councillor Mike Lee says.


EY executive director of tax policy David Snell

Little support for IRD's view on taxing seismic assessments

Thu 17 Mar

IRD believes seismic assessments are related to capital expenditure.

Property Council CEO Connal Townsend

Property Council says IRD view on seismic assessments is immoral

Tue 15 Mar 3

Inland Revenue's view that the costs of getting a seismic assessment of a building shouldn't be tax deductible has riled the Property Council. With special audio feature.

Private Bin

Fri 19 Feb

Someone should take the bods at the Property Council to one side and explain to them how the world works


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