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Bath Street director Andrew Barnes

Double entry book-keeping: the next level


It looks as though certain assets appear on the balance sheets of PGC and Perpetual in ways that cannot both be correct. With special audio feature.

Double entry book-keeping: the next level

Fri 5 Feb

How two related companies with the same auditor can offer incompatible accounts


George Kerr

Curtain falls on a year of winners and losers on the NZX

Fri 18 Dec

You could say 2015 was a year that promised much but failed to deliver.

Pyne Gould Corporation chairman George Kerr

PGC audit report ‘pretty close’: Kerr

Mon 14 Dec 1

Legal action raises questions over Torchlight’s going concern status.

Bath Street director Andrew Barnes

Bath Street Capital files counter-claim against Pyne Gould Corp

Fri 27 Nov 1

The claim contends the protracted fight over what's owed in relation to Pyne Gould's sale of Perpetual Trust.

John Grill

Australian businessman John Grill to appeal Torchlight loan ruling

Wed 18 Nov 3

Pyne Gould said Wilaci is appealing the NZ High Court ruling.


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