Quotable Value

Shareholding change at Property IQ

Wed 28 Aug 13

Property values rise at 8.1% annual pace in July

Thu 8 Aug 13

Auckland values are up 12.8% from a year earlier, while in Christchurch they have increased 10.8% and in Wellington by 2.8%.

NZ property values rise at a 7.6% annual pace in June

Tue 9 Jul 13 9

Auckland prices are up 12.6% from a year earlier, while Christchurch increased 10.4% and Wellington by 2.6%.

Greg Huddleston

Terralink ownership comes full circle - almost

Tue 9 Jul 13 1

NZ property values rise at a 7.1% annual pace

Mon 10 Jun 13

Demand outstrips supply in Auckland and Christchurch, according to state valuer Quotable Value.

Auckland house values keep on rising

Tue 28 May 13 9

Real estate figures to be released next week are expected to reveal an explosion in city property values.


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