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No evidence of health risks mobile phone technology - large-scale UK study

Cellphones, wi-fi and electromagnetic radiation

Jonathan Brewer

Demonising wi-fi is dangerous to your child’s health

The death of Horowhenua child Ethan Wyman from a brain tumor is tragic news. Blaming it on wi-fi is wrong.

Air NZ's Lara Bingle ad – industry verdict

Lara Bingle

Solar radiation could continue for 18 months

While no New Zealand flight delays are expected as a result of a huge solar flare storm, flight communications are operating at a high frequency than normal to avoid communication disruption. 

Radiation from mammograms may cause breast cancer

The mixed messages over the use of mammograms for breast cancer screening have continued, with a new study suggesting their radiation may harm the women they’re supposed to save.

Dutch researchers have found that women with a family history of breast cancer or a genetic susceptibility to it may increase their risk of cancer by taking mammograms at a young age.

The problem is these are the women who are often told to start taking mammograms early on in their lives as a precautionary measure.