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NZSA says Rakon directors should stump up for fine, Mogridge responds

Shareholders Association Chairman John Hawkins

Rakon censured, fined over Chinese factory disclosure

Bryan Mogridge, Rakon Chairman

Rakon coming back home, but at a cost

Rakon first-half loss widens to $45m on impairments after Chengdu sale

Rakon’s Robinson brothers sell shares to fellow directors Mogridge, Irvine

Brent Robinson

Rakon managing director Brent Robinson and his brother, executive director Darren Robinson, have sold some 554,000 shares to fellow directors Bryan Mogridge and Bruce Irvine after a telling off by the Takeovers Panel.

Maverick sparks electricity debate, latest tech listing prospect, super savings call and targeting the Chinese psyche

A controversial energy boss lays out his alternative to the Greens/Labour energy proposal.