Rakon chief executive Brent Robinson

Market gives slight nod to Rakon's profit relief

Fri 22 May

Rakon’s new-found profitability is a step in the right direction but the company will have to make sure its product can stay relevant.

Rakon chief executive Brent Robinson

Rakon returns to profitability, while doubling debt, after restructure

Thu 21 May 6

Net profit rose to $3.2 million in the year ended March 31.

Rakon chief executive Brent Robinson

Will Rakon follow through on profit pledges?

Wed 20 May 4

Rakon shareholders are eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s annual results announcement after being promised a return to profit. 

NZX head of market supervision Joost van Amelsfort

NZX disciplinary strong arm doubles investigations

Thu 23 Apr

More stock market breaches are being identified and reported to the NZX’s disciplinary arm, which netted 300% more fines last year than the year before.

Rakon chief executive Brent Robinson

Rakon sells UK property, shifts more manufacturing to NZ

Fri 12 Dec 3

The company completed the sale, generating net proceeds of £800,000 which it will use to repay bank debt.

Rosetta spacecraft (NASA)

Spaceship parts maker Rakon's biggest growth in telecoms

Thu 13 Nov 1

Rakon CEO talks on space profits, growth plans.


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