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ralph hotere

Eric & Kathy Hertz painting sets record price for rare Auckland art

Alvin Pankhurst's About Time sold for $55,000

A 2006 oil on acrylic on canvas sells for $55,000 at an auction at the International Art Centre in Auckland last night.

How Hotere’s girlfriend gifts shocked art lovers

Ralph Hotere

Barry Colman’s Hotere collection sells for $250,000

Vive Aramoana: Painting by Ralph Hotere fetches $183,000 at auction

Flagship piece, Vive Aramoana (pictured), sells for $183,000.

Art market back with a vengeance

Gary Langsford (left) and French artist Bernar Venet at the Palace of Versailles

“Wealthy people don’t want to put their money into property or the sharemarket or finance companies. They’re seeing art as a very strong asset class.”  – Auckland gallery director Gary Langsford 

Barry Colman's notable Hoteres under the hammer

Vive Aramoana

Pieces for next month's auction include Vive Aramoana, which fetched a record price in 2002.

Hotere paintings on offer soon