Former Reserve Bank executive Michael Reddell

Immigration 'blunders' responsible for high housing prices – ex Reserve Bank exec

Fri 17 Jul 9

A collision of two policy blunders is to blame for the housing prices bubble, former Reserve Bank executive says.


Nathan Smith talks about housing on NBR Radio and on demand at MyNBR Radio.

NZIER senior economist Christina Leung (Rob Hosking)

Calls for a tax cut to stimulate economy premature

Thu 9 Jul 1

Although dairy prices are falling and business and consumer confidence have slipped, now is not the time of tax cuts.

BusinessNZ chief executive Phil O’Reilly

Small business debt masquerading as mortgages

Thu 2 Jul 3

Hidden company debt which is not being reflected in borrowing statistics.

Capital Economics chief Australasian economist Paul Dales

New Zealand can’t rely on trade to boost GDP

Fri 26 Jun 2

Capital Economics chief Australasian economist Paul Dales says net trade added just 0.1% to GDP in the first quarter of this year.

ASB economist Chris Tennent-Brown

Punters pick no movement in RBA’s OCR announcement this afternoon

Tue 2 Jun

But TD Securities rates strategist Prashant Newnaha says it’s extremely likely that the RBA will signal more rate cuts to come.

AUT senior economics lecturer Dr Saten Kumar

New Zealand’s low inflation rate a result of a ‘mismatch’ of beliefs

Thu 7 May

New Zealand firms and consumers not understanding monetary policy is one of the reasons inflation is ‘shockingly low’, an expert tells NBR Online. 


Jason Walls discusses what may be behind New Zealand's low inflation on NBR Radio and on-demand on MyNBR Radio.


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