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Research funding cut bad news for economy

Dr William Rolleston, Federated Farmers' food production sciences, biosecurity and food safety spokesperson

Retirement Commissioner backs linking pension age to lifespan

Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell (TVNZ)

Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell wants the government to link the age people can access the national pension to their rising life expectancies in a wide-ranging document on the future of New Zealand superannuation.

Edison, Woodward Partners to put out Meridian research

NZX will publish reports by research houses Edison and Woodward Partners on the upcoming Meridian Energy float as part of a plan to keep retail investors informed of the government's planned partial privatisation programme.

Fruit ripening breakthrough

British research team discovers a protein that ripens fruits early.

Kiwis prefer eating out more than entertaining at home

New survey reveals a growing trend.

Pacific Edge plans US expansion

The healthcare technology company will set up shop in the US by the end of the year.