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Rex Bionics

Rex Bionics hires top UK trade official as new CEO

Crispin Simon

Bionic woman: Jenny Morel on £20m Rex listing

Sophie Morgan - wheelchair-bound after a car crash at 18 until she became an early adopter of Rex Bionic's robotic exo-skeleton

Rex Bionics seeks back-door listing on London’s AIM exchange in 9.5m MedTech deal

Rex Bionics' robotic exoskeletons for wheelchair users

Rex Bionics, which builds robotic exoskeletons for wheelchair users, is seeking a backdoor listing on the LSE.

Wheelchair users walk again with robotic legs

Auckland start-up Rex Bionics has unveiled the world’s first robotics legs that enable the wheel-chair bound to move about in an upright position.

The device, called the Robotic Exoskelton (Rex), has taken seven years to develop with private venture capital and public funding of $10 million.

Once strapped in, the user can walk up and down stairs and slopes for up two hours on rechargeable batteries.