Rod Drury

Rod Drury in the NBR Radio studio (Chris Keall)

ROD DRURY on why he picks fights on Twitter


The Xero boss on his social media playbook, building Xero's team culture, hiring people in over-the-top and more. With special feature audio.

Xero NZ managing director Anna Curzon

Xero ‘stretching credibility,’ MYOB’s ‘noise’ – eGST war continues

Fri 22 Jul 2

Xero releases eGST product following a trial with 1400 customers. MYOB offers a back-handed compliment.

Xero CEO Rod Drury

Xero needs 'hundreds of thousands' of US customers before Nasdaq listing: Drury

Thu 21 Jul

Xero needs to prove it can beat Intuit in its home market before doing a US listing. With special feature audio.

Xero CEO Rod Drury

Xero to beef up product offer; millionth customer due this year

Wed 20 Jul 4

The company is now processing $1 trillion of transactions, CEO Rod Drury says. 

Sam Morgan

Sam Morgan to step down from Xero board

Mon 27 Jun 2

Sam Morgan has backed Xero since 2007.

Morningstar analyst Andrew Lange

Xero to turn profitable from 2020, Morningstar predicts

Fri 24 Jun 1

The research house's fair value estimate for Xero is $21 a share.


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