Rod Drury

Morningstar analyst Andrew Lange

Xero to turn profitable from 2020, Morningstar predicts

Fri 24 Jun

The research house's fair value estimate for Xero is $21 a share.

MYOB NZ general manager James Scollay

MYOB’s online GST returns ‘all fluff,’ Xero boss says

Thu 23 Jun 4

MYOB NZ boss says Xero is starting to take New Zealand for granted.

Xero CEO Rod Drury

Drury: Why Xero is holding AGM in Sydney this year

Wed 15 Jun

NZX grants waiver to hold annual meeting outside New Zealand. With special feature audio.

Xero CEO Rod Drury

Wells Fargo deal gives Xero access to millions of US customers

Thu 9 Jun

Strategic relationship a "huge endorsement" of Xero and comes with "low-cost pathway to the vast US market.” With special feature audio.

INTO THE VOID: Hootsuite’s Kirsty Traill says 30% of customers prefer to place a query via social media than dialling a call centre. But more than half the time they get no response

When your customers take to Twitter to complain

Fri 3 Jun

In olden times, your annoyed customers would pick up the phone.

Xero CEO Rod Drury

NZ farming hook-up helps Xero to sell in other markets

Mon 16 May

Xero's founder and managing director Rod Drury says Xero's experience with New Zealand farmers can be translated to other markets. With special feature audio.


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