Rodney Hide

The future of the Labour party?

Left’s misery: Politics makes no difference

Sat 22 Nov 14 4

One of the reasons I am not a Lefty is their perpetual anger and utter miserableness.

David Henderson (Rodney Hide)

IRD’s 20-year feud hinges on courtroom semantics

Sat 15 Nov 14 7

Rodney Hide on David Henderson.

Thomas Jefferson

Business forced to bow as faith triumphs

Sat 1 Nov 14 8

More on Mark Meulenbroek from Rodney Hide

When I went to Sunday school personal responsibility and keeping your word was a big part of Christian teaching. That, too, must have changed.

God’s will triumphs over Saturday job

Sat 25 Oct 14 8

We have become a nation of crybabies, says Rodney Hide. Exhibit A: Mark Meulenbroek.

Rodney Hide

Flag debate is next poll distraction

Sat 11 Oct 14


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