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Russel Norman

Election 2014: Arrogance of power and the silence of the Greens

Russel Norman

Greens promise democracy and keeping public assets

Green Party launch Christchurch (Photo Credit: Chris Hutching)

The Green Party launch today included committment to returning Ecan to democracy, and public transport funding

ASK ME ANYTHING: Russel Norman

Norman: "After the 2011 election we went to National with a proposal to extend our memorandum of understanding"

The Green co-leader will answer reader questions from 1pm today. Leave a question now.

Southern Cross 'categorically' denies secret NSA spy box watches NZ

Southern Cross Cable Network chief executive Anthony Briscoe

Russel Norman ‘buried lawsuit’ before election, says Colin Craig

Russel Norman and Colin Craig

Risk of government change remains high

Matthew Hooton