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scott bartlett

Kordia turns to a loss on difficult trading in Australia, end of NZ analogue revenue

Kordia Group chief executive Scott Bartlett

PLUS: $10 million in vendor financing repaid as private investors onsell Orcon to CallPlus.

Kordia boss caught on tape promising not to outsource tech support

Bartlett: things change

... which is just what his company did seven months later. 

Kordia boss out, role axed

Departing Kordia Group CEO Geoff Hunt

Meet the new power trio. UPDATED with comments from Kordia chairman David Clarke.

AMA: Scott Bartlett

Scott Bartlett

Southern Cross Cable 20% price cut not nearly enough - Kordia boss

Kordia NZ boss Scott Bartlett

Bartlett explains why much deeper cuts are needed. UPDATED with comments from CallPlus Chairman Malcolm Dick.

Bartlett takes control as Orcon merged into Kordia NZ

Kordia New Zealand CEO Scott Bartlett

Restructure at state-owned enterprise sees Orcon CEO Scott Bartlett take control of new Kordia NZ division; 50 jobs sent to Manila. UPDATED with comment by Kordia Group CEO Geoff Hunt.