Paul Bublitz

Who's funding Bublitz's legal fees?

Mon 16 Nov 1

A company linked to controversial businessman William Yan, aka Citizen Yan, shows up on financing statements.

Two former Thermakraft employees plead guilty to taking secret kickbacks

Thu 29 Oct

Peter Sanele admitted a Secret Commissions Act charge of failing to disclose a pecuniary interest.

Jailed fraudster's sentence extended

Tue 27 Oct

Convicted fraudster pleads guilty to new set of charges.

Serious Fraud Office director Julie Read

Large-scale mortgage fraud investigation underway

Thu 22 Oct 7

SFO investigating highly organised teams involved in mortgage fraud.

Associate Professor Lisa Marriott

Call for tougher stance on white collar crims receives widespread support

Tue 6 Oct

Research suggests serving a 16 month stretch for stealing $1.36 million does little to deter privileged crooks.

Associate Professor Lisa Marriott

Time to stiffen sentences for white collar crims


Associate Professor Lisa Marriott has been studying hundreds of court reports for prosecutions taken by the SFO.


Lisa Marriott talks about white collar crime on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.


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