Shamubeel Eaqub

HSBC economist Daniel Smith

OCR cuts: good for KiwiSaver, bad for Kiwi savers

Thu 23 Jul 2

New Zealanders should get used to low interest rates and inflation as this will be the case for some time.


Jason Walls talks about KiwiSaver on NBR Radio, and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

Former Reserve Bank executive Michael Reddell

Putting a net on New Zealand's immigration

Wed 22 Jul 1

Do NBR ONLINE readers think immigration controls need tightening?

Shamubeel Eaqub: Immigration policy hasn’t been a particularly important contributor to house price rises

Reddell vs Shamubeel: At odds over immigration

Fri 17 Jul

“That’s racist” was Shamubeel Eaqub’s reaction to former Reserve Bank official Michael Reddell’s criticism of his figures on immigration.

Shamubeel Eaqub

Shamubeel Eaqub leaves NZIER to 'spend a bit of time being a dad'

Fri 17 Jul 5

Controversial economist is already thinking about future roles, however, which he outlines to NBR.

Capital Economics chief Australasian economist Paul Dales

New Zealand can’t rely on trade to boost GDP

Fri 26 Jun 2

Capital Economics chief Australasian economist Paul Dales says net trade added just 0.1% to GDP in the first quarter of this year.

Michelle Boag, Tau Henare and Simon Chapple debate Geoff Simmons, Asher Emanuel and Julie Anne Genter on The Nation

RAW DATA: 'Clash of the Generations' debate

Sun 7 Jun

Three baby boomers go head to head with Gen X and Y over who's really doing it tough.


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