Shane Jones

Progressive Enterprises’ managing director Dave Chambers

Countdown happy at being exonerated under Commerce Commission inquiry

Thu 20 Nov 14

Progressive Enterprises managing director said he felt exonerated by the outcome of a Comm Comm inquiry into anti-competitive behaviour, which found nothing to warrant prosecution.

Commerce Commission chief executive Brent Alderton

Supermarket inquiry finds no breaches by Countdown

Thu 20 Nov 14 4

Commerce Commission says it does not believe Progressive Enterprises has breached any of the laws.

Phil Quin

OPINION: Thirty Percent Doctrine dooms Labour

Shane Jones

Keeping up with Shane Jones – right across the Pacific

Fri 20 Jun 14

NBR ONLINE catches up with former Labour leader contender Shane Jones to find out why he so abruptly exited Parliament at the height of his political power.

Fletcher in crosshairs, Hirepool IPO questioned, Wherescape feeds the beast and who’s got $360m?

Fri 20 Jun 14

Official documents reveal the prime targets for government moves to reduce building material costs


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