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While you were sleeping: China, Germany deliver

Fri 9 Aug 13 1

The latest exports data from both countries surpasses expectations, bolstering optimism about economic recovery.

While you were sleeping: Wall Street falls

Thu 8 Aug 13

Wall Street slid for a third day amid comments from Cleveland Fed president Sandra Pianalto that the US jobs market had shown "meaningful improvement".

While you were sleeping: September taper back in focus

Wed 7 Aug 13

The latest data on the US trade deficit reflects the gathering strength of the world's largest economy.

While you were sleeping: Fed official hints at QE move soon

Tue 6 Aug 13

A senior US Federal Reserve official says the central bank should start tapering its bond-buying programme next month.

World week ahead: central bank accommodation tops agendas

Mon 5 Aug 13

The US unemployment rate falls to 7.4% from 7.6%, the lowest since December 2008.

While you were sleeping: stocks hit records

Fri 2 Aug 13

Federal Reserve promises ongoing stimulus and there is better-than-expected economic data from the US and abroad.


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