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Commerce Commission Telecommunications Commissioner Stephen Gale

Chorus says ComCom decision will add $120m to annual operating earnings

Tue 15 Dec 4

Chorus is celebrating the boost to annual earnings from the corporatate regulator's latest decision while bemoaning that it won't be backdated and telco retailers and consumers are dismayed - with special audio feature.

Spark CEO Simon Moutter

Spark accelerates 4G rollout in rural Canterbury

Thu 10 Dec

The rollout will take 12 months instead of three years thanks to councils' cooperation with acquisition and consenting.

I'm glad you like it Simon, because Amy's spending your money

Adams sets 'aspirational' broadband target for 2025

Wed 7 Oct 3

It's neat to have aspirational goals. Mine are great. How Amy can achieve hers:

Spark CEO Simon Moutter

Spark says cull of 400 staff won't affect service

Thu 27 Aug 21

PLUs: $100K club declines.

Spark chief executive Simon Moutter

Tax reform: govt should go further and target multinationals' profit-shifting – Spark boss

Wed 19 Aug 13

Applying GST to online purchases does not go far enough, Simon Moutter says.

Spark CEO Simon Moutter

ComCom proposes to let telco retailers keep $57 million

Thu 2 Jul 5

Commerce Commission’s latest decision not to backdate changes to its rulings on copper telephone and broadband line prices.


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