Simon Moutter

Private Bin

Sat 9 Jul

Spark chief executive Simon Moutter was throwing quotable lines around like lollies at a Venture Capital Association do last week.

Spark CEO Simon Moutter

Chorus hits back at Spark as war of words erupts over network

Fri 1 Jul 18

Spark says it’s hiring more people to man its call centres. Vocus says Spark should have been more prepared.

Simon Moutter

Profit-shifting problem is going to get a lot worse: Moutter

Wed 29 Jun

Spark boss says"tax dodging,"  "weightless" companies stripping wealth from New Zealand. With special feature audio.

Simon Moutter

Simon and the Bermuda thing

Wed 29 Jun 1

PLUS: Why Spark boss is not bothered by Vodafone NZ's move to minimise tax. With special feature audio.

Spark CEO Simon Moutter

Spark completes $200m upgrade of customer service IT platform

Wed 29 Jun 13

The four-year programme retired 52 legacy systems; 41 systems were consolidated and more than 100 million customer inventory records migrated into one platform.

Spark chief executive Simon Moutter (Chris Keall)

Spark claims top spot in mobile market by revenue — but IDC rains on its parade

Wed 22 Jun 25

Pits merger Vodafone merger doc figure against its new forecast for a huge increase in mobile revenue this year. With Special feature audio.


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