Simon Moutter

Spark managing director Simon Moutter

Heartland: Fertile innovation seeds need planting

Fri 2 Sep

Unlike Israel, New Zealand lacks the investment that creates the workforce potential or institutional collaboration.

Oi, stop smiling
Simon Moutter (Chris Keall)

Top five takeaways from Spark’s full-year result

Mon 22 Aug 5

Taking on UFB with its own fibre * Pushing Chorus out of the picture in fixed wireless * Opening up Lightbox with revenue sharing *  A weakness in those mobile gains * An uninspiring forecast. With special feature audio. 

Spark managing director Simon Moutter
Spark CEO Simon Moutter

Spark's Moutter on Israel’s lessons for NZ start-ups

Thu 11 Aug 2

Spark's Simon Moutter might have answers for improving NZ collaboration where others have failed. With special feature audio.

Spark New Zealand chief executive Simon Moutter

Spark's Moutter takes lead in rattling cages for venture capital

Mon 8 Aug 3

Spark Moutter was one of 54 delegates who travelled to Israel earlier this year. With special feature audio.


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