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Simpson Grierson

Dotcom 'thumped' in appeal court, told (again) to disclose assets

Kim Dotcom

“In the absence of any undertaking from Mr Dotcom, there is no assurance that he will not take steps to dissipate or remove his assets prior to the hearing,” the judgment says

Simpson Grierson's Rainbow connection

Simpson Grierson Chairman Kevin Jaffe :"An important benchmark"

Dotcom search warrant case starts in top court today

Simpson Grierson partner William Akel

Mr Akel says essentially the question is who was right out of the Court of Appeal and chief High Court Justice Helen Winkelmann who had ruled in Mr Dotcom’s favour

Dotcom appealing order to reveal assets

Dotcom relaxes in Queenstown with actress/model Danielle Sharp (@KimDotcom, July 7)

Whiskas wins initial bout in court cat fight

How many entrepreneurs does it take to conduct a survey?

Tony Falkenstein, communications chair of EO NZ and director of Just Water International Ltd