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Sir Roger Douglas

A budget for tomorrow – Sir Roger Douglas

Sir Roger Douglas

Milford’s strange bedfellows, Genesis’ beginning, analysts ‘asleep’ over Chorus and Labour’s tax plans

Why is Brian Gaynor’s highly regarded Milford active growth fund wrapped up in the Guardian Trust-Perpetual Trust merger?

FMA to seize Sheppard ‘evidence’, Sir Roger flays welfare state, fishing giants mull levy cuts and Mt Gox accounts twist

Supposedly new information about failed property lender Hanover Finance interests FMA

Sir Roger’s budget take, Kim Dotcom’s financial headaches, GrabOne founder’s next trick and China’s shadow banking risk

Former finance minister Sir Roger Douglas explains how to judge the 2014 budget.

Sir Roger Douglas's alternative Budget

Sir Roger Douglas

Ahead of the Budget, former finance minister Sir Roger Douglas creates his own.

Dotcom treated like royalty, Banks beaten up – Sir Roger

Sir Roger Douglas

ACT co-founder Sir Roger Douglas says the media is beating up John Banks, but treating everything Kim Dotcom says as gospel.