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Netflix’s Jessica Jones

Sky says Roy Morgan's Neon number is too low, reveals On Demand usage

Wed 25 May 8

Roy Morgan takes a stab at estimating the number of New Zealanders using the major streaming video-on-demand services.

Sky Network Television chief John Fellet

Fellet unmoved by media company 'for-sale' signs as Sky TV mulls capital options

Wed 25 May 6

John Fellet said what scares him more than anything else as an investor "is a CEO with too much money.

Lowndes Jordan partner Rick Shera

Sky and Duco vs the Parker pirates: a Q&A

Tue 24 May 6

Is the Facebook user who livestreamed the fight open to legal action? Are those who viewed his stream liable? Is Facebook? What size damages can be claimed? Why is it different if you stream video from a live sports event? Your questions answered. With special feature audio.

Draper Cormack Group managing partner David Cormack

Sky TV’s social media faux pas further sullies reputation

Tue 24 May 3

Lack of response "symptomatic of an organisation that might be feeling under siege." With special feature audio.

Sky slams Parker fight pirates. It should chill

Sun 22 May 62

The pay TV broadcaster has 99 problems, but this ain't one.

Sky to raise prices despite falling subscriber numbers

Tue 17 May 15

The monthly price of Sky Basic will rise by $0.69 to $49.91.


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