South Canterbury Finance

Sandy Maier

South Canterbury Finance action group muscles up for nationwide roadshow

Tue 12 May 6

Chris Gudsell, QC, and Hamilton lawyer David Nielsen will drive the 'class' action

Ed Sullivan

Crown Asset Management discontinues South Canterbury Finance claim

Thu 18 Dec 5

Crown Asset Management isn't saying whether it has settled with the former officers.

FMA Director of Enforcement and Investigations Belinda Moffat

FMA won't take SCF civil case

Wed 17 Dec 7

FMA says it has closed inquiries into potential civil claims relating to the failure of SCF, saying Crown Asset Management is already doing that.

Edward Sullivan

Home detention for Sullivan

Fri 12 Dec 17

Former South Canterbury lawyer and director escapes jail sentence.

SCF founder, the late Allan Hubbard

Interest building in SCF class action group, Chris Lee says

Thu 4 Dec 10

A class action group of investors who lost out on preferences shares is waiting for the FMA to decide if it will prosecute ex South Canterbury officials before it starts its case.

Sandy Maier

Former SCF directors and CEO may face class action

Mon 1 Dec 14

Chris Lee: “I’m furious that the board probably had knowledge that South Canterbury were in much deeper trouble that they were telling.” 


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