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Allan Hubbard

New docs show why agencies abandoned Hubbard investors' interest claims

Tue 19 Jan 2

The previously unseen detail has emerged in documents under the Official Information Act by the Ministry of Business.

JOHN SAX: In partnership with Ian Tulloch for highly successful Waterloo business park

Cardinal builds new complex on Rich Lister’s Waterloo

Fri 27 Nov

Cardinal Logistics has commissioned a storage warehouse at Waterloo Business Park on the western edge of Christchurch for occupation in August next year.

Left-to-right: Marlena Davis, Gavin Bennett and Emily Deyris.

South Canterbury Finance fraudster declined parole

Wed 30 Sep 1

Gavin Clifford Bennett was sentenced to eight years in jail after pleading guilty to submitting nearly 900 false invoices to South Canterbury Finance over a six year period.

The late Allan Hubbard

Bankrupt director of Hubbard-financed Papamoa project in 'clear breach'

Thu 24 Sep

Liquidators were appointed to Emerald Shores in 2012 on application by the statutory managers of the late Allan Hubbard’s Aorangi Securities.

The late Allan Hubbard

Investors get 100% capital return on Hubbard Management Fund

Tue 1 Sep 40

Grant Thornton says the $35.6 million distributed to about 203 investors repays all original capital invested into the fund.

Sandy Maier

South Canterbury Finance action group muscles up for nationwide roadshow

Tue 12 May 6

Chris Gudsell, QC, and Hamilton lawyer David Nielsen will drive the 'class' action


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