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southern cross cable

OPINION: Kim Dotcom and Co. are wrong about GCSB, the issue goes much deeper

'The Moment of Truth' - Kim Dotcom, Glen Greenwald, Snowden

Southern Cross Cable 20% price cut not nearly enough - Kordia boss

Kordia NZ boss Scott Bartlett

Bartlett explains why much deeper cuts are needed. UPDATED with comments from CallPlus Chairman Malcolm Dick.

Curran pounces as fault hits Southern Cross Cable

The Southern Cross Cable's figure 8 design

The head of one major ISP says it illlustrates NZ's vulnerability. Another plays down the incident and says the Labour MP's language was over-the-top.

Southern Cross Cable responds to Dick attack over 20-hour outage

Monopoly provider disputes account of July 28-July 29 2001 incident, details upgrades.