southern cross cable

Southern Cross Cable CEO Anthony Briscoe

Greenwald's claims of cable access total nonsense — Southern Cross Cable CEO

Mon 15 Sep 14

Key says test probe to monitor international broadband cable created, but never deployed.

Kordia NZ boss Scott Bartlett

Southern Cross Cable 20% price cut not nearly enough - Kordia boss

Mon 14 Jan 13 13

Bartlett explains why much deeper cuts are needed. UPDATED with comments from CallPlus Chairman Malcolm Dick.

The Southern Cross Cable's figure 8 design

Curran pounces as fault hits Southern Cross Cable

Fri 9 Nov 12 24

The head of one major ISP says it illlustrates NZ's vulnerability. Another plays down the incident and says the Labour MP's language was over-the-top.

Southern Cross Cable responds to Dick attack over 20-hour outage

Fri 10 Aug 12 4

Monopoly provider disputes account of July 28-July 29 2001 incident, details upgrades.


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