Statistics New Zealand

Economically speaking: Pavlovian responses to inequality

Fri 8 Jul

Public misunderstanding is likely when the same report can lead to different conclusions


On the money: Housing inflation’s silver lining

Fri 10 Jun

Property windfalls accruing to ageing baby boomers reduce public costs of funding the elderly


NZ population to hit milestone tonight

Sun 12 Jul

4.6 millionth Kiwi due this evening. But Stats NZ figures show immigration, not births, is the main driver of population growth.

Asians will outnumber Maori by the mid-2020s

Thu 21 May 2

Statistics NZ's Ethnic Population Projections outlines that by 2038, there will be 1% more people who identify with an Asian ethnicity than those who identify as a Māori in NZ.

NZ Dollar Outlook: Kiwi may advance this week amid dearth of local data

Mon 12 Jan

Majority of polled currency strategists and traders expect currency to climb.

Julian Cribb, author of The Coming Famine: the global food crisis and what we can do to avoid it

When knowhow becomes New Zealand’s most valuable export

Tue 6 Jan 2

A renowned Australian author shares his opinions on food sustainability, and current R&D levels    


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