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Statistics NZ minister Craig Foss

Statistics NZ delays June household labour force survey for two weeks

Fri 29 Jul

The official labour force statistics were due to be released next week.

Infometrics economist Mieke Welvaert

Trade data bears fruit but dairy’s gone sour

Tue 26 Jul

Dairy exports have plummeted in the past two years, dropping 31% since the June quarter of 2014. With special feature audio.

STEPPING DOWN: 31,500 people retired and the number of employed rose 1.3%

Job market boom – even the drop in participation could have upside

Fri 5 Feb

Like a bolt from the summer blue, the latest job market figures have surprised even the economic optimists.


Statistics NZ’s $4m marketing budget will oversee transition to online census

Fri 29 Jan

Statistics NZ will spend $4 million informing the public it will no longer automatically receive paper forms in the nation’s first “online-first” census.

BNZ senior economist Craig Ebert says BNZ’s calculations indicate the CPI will fall by 0.1% in the December quarter of 2014

Fuel prices front and centre of CPI number

Tue 20 Jan

The last time there were two consecutivue quarters of deflation was at the tail end of the Asian Crisis.


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