Steven Joyce

Steven Joyce, 'minister responsible' for negotiating the convention centre deal with SkyCity

Joyce’s equivocation continues as more convention centre deal details emerge

Mon 23 Feb 15 5

Even as past examples of obfuscation come unstuck, Steven Joyce is sticking to his policy of equivocating.

Dean Barker (TV3)

Dean Barker calls in lawyers — report

Sun 22 Feb 15 19

Helmsman goes legal, in the great tradition of the America's Cup.

Steven Joyce

Slow down on 'dodgy' zero-hour contracts bill - Joyce

Thu 19 Feb 15

Lawyer says Labour's proposed bill has some flexibility.

NZ First leader Winston Peters

Winston demands FMA SkyCity share probe

Wed 18 Feb 15 3

NZ First leader claims Black Friday trades indicate "unacceptable behaviour"

The design for the SkyCity convention centre this artist's impression was based on is now likely to be downsized.

SUBSCRIBER-ONLY POLL RESULT: Should SkyCity lose some of its gambling concessions if the revised convention centre is 10% smaller?

Mon 16 Feb 15 4

In lieu of running their own poll, the government might want to take note of this result.

An artist's impression of the SkyCity convention centre

Close to corruption

Fri 13 Feb 15 60

OPINION: The origins of this fiasco lie in the close private relationship established between politicians and SkyCity in the mid 2000s. 


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