Steven Joyce

Northern council goes into bat for employee Osborne

Thu 26 Mar 15 6

The council appears to contradict its own annual report on reasons for a review of the Te Ahu centre. 

Mark Osborne and Winston Peters (TVNZ)

Northland by-election: what's really at stake

Mon 23 Mar 15 2

A Northland defeat would be Key's first political loss and would shatter the aura of invinciblity around the government.

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce on The Nation

Joyce acknowledges possibility of a loss in Northland

Sat 21 Mar 15 8

Peters says he could still back RMA reform, if it's "reasonable" | Joyce distances himself from Young Nats' anti-Winston campaign on Facebook; promises broadband pork.

Act MP David Seymour at a Parliamentary select committee

Seymour calls for inflation indexed tax rates

Fri 20 Mar 15 2

The Act leader will get a sympathetic hearing: Bill English recently called inflation “the politician and the tax gatherer’s friend, and the saver’s enemy.”

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce: Says Auckland’s debate over housing is futile

Joyce lambasts Auckland over housing debate

Mon 16 Mar 15 2

The Economic Development Minister says it's time for action not talking 

New Zealand International Convention Centre (Artist's Rendition)

Government convention centre spin – you be the judge

Fri 6 Mar 15 1

Examples of obfuscation abound.


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