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Compulsory KiwiSaver: how it will hurt business and top earners

Labour deputy leader David Parker

Parker recommits Labour to compulsory KiwiSaver, blasts Nats’ ‘dishonesty’ on superannuation

David Parker

Aussie employers 'hate compulsory superannuation with a passion'

Australian Financial Services Council, John Brogden

Portable super from Oz a step closer

Australian senate passes legislation allowing Kiwis to transfer their savings into a Kiwisaver fund.

Retirement commissioner at odds with Key

Diana Crossan

Diana Crossan warns the prime minister’s refusal to raise the eligibility age for national super will mean he has to cut other spending to pay for it.

Will Treasury's outlook be more cheerful next time?

Veteran economist Bob Buckle

These reports usually say much the same thing: in summary, by 2051 the only people left in the country will be a couple of ailing 83-year-olds fighting over the last dialysis machine.