Inland Revenue commissioner Naomi Ferguson (Rob Hosking)

UK regulators exempt some from pension transfer mess

Thu 25 Jun 1

UK regulators have granted a penalty exemption to some people who have transferred their UK pensions into KiwiSaver schemes.

Lloyd Kavanagh

NZ foreign super rule changes exacerbates UK pension problem

Thu 18 Jun 3

“The whole matter is rather unfortunate from a New Zealand perspective," says expert.

New Zealand Initiative head of research Dr Eric Crampton

IMF's controversial call leaves experts scratching their heads

Thu 18 Jun 1

An IMF report says NZ shouldn’t worry about paying down its public debt but economists have expressed some concerns.

Fisher Funds managing director Carmel Fisher

KiwiSaver providers 'surprised' by UK pension law changes

Fri 12 Jun 1

UK pensions in limbo after KiwiSaver providers say they were told of the law change after it happened.

REBECCA ARMOUR: Says changes to New Zealand’s  foreign superannuation tax rules last year may have exacerbated the issue

UK pension changes penalise KiwiSaver

Fri 5 Jun

New laws have been introduced in the UK affecting a large number of Kiwis, who could be penalised for transferring their UK pension funds into KiwiSaver schemes.

James Shaw (Rob Hosking)

Interview: new Green co-leader on climate change, super and deals with National

Fri 5 Jun 6

"The smart Green post-carbon economy is going to be good for us. And we need business on board for that, because that’s how things get done.”


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