Revenue Minister Todd McClay

Government backs down on tax law 'change by press release'

Fri 27 Feb 15

Mr McClay announced the law change would take effect from the day of his press release but would not be enacted into law until some time this year.

Russell-linked company heads to appeal court over tax avoidance

Mon 16 Feb 15

John Russell has accused Inland Revenue of having a vendetta against him in every case since the mid-1990s.

Law Society president Chris Moore

Sweeping new tax information rules are 'unlawful search and seizure'

Tue 9 Dec 14 2

Changes to how Inland Revenue shares information with Police have lawyers up in arms.

PwC tax and private business leader Geof Nightingale

No room for complacency but NZ doing well at making taxpaying easy – PwC

Fri 21 Nov 14 1

Taxes are easier than ever to pay, whether that's a good thing is up for debate.

Labour Finance spokesman David Parker

Labour would have had to tax KiwiSaver more – IRD

Mon 17 Nov 14 3

Make KiwiSaver compulsory and then tax it more? Was that the Labour-Green plan?

G20 meeting delegates in Sydney (TV3)

G20 on tax avoidance: never mind the outcome, feel the process

Mon 17 Nov 14 1

Bland generalities on anti-tax avoidance plan collossal scope of the global project.


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