Simon Moutter

Profit-shifting problem is going to get a lot worse: Moutter

Wed 29 Jun

Spark boss says"tax dodging,"  "weightless" companies stripping wealth from New Zealand. With special feature audio.

Prime Minister John Key and John Shewan

Dollar each way on foreign trust disclosure

Tue 28 Jun

No clear course of action preferred by those polled on foreign trusts. With audio special feature.

Prime Minister John Key

Key goes against NBR readers, conservative UK, Australian governments, corporate NZ on 'Google tax'

Tue 28 Jun 13

No missing pot of gold to be found says PM as he states a preference for the OECD's multi-year process to address profit-shifting by multinationals. With special feature audio.

John Shewan

Shewan report measures possible by end of year

Tue 28 Jun 2

Prime Minister John Key says he expects to adopt almost all the recommendations in the report on foreign trusts released yesterday. With special feature audio.

Prime Minister John Key (Photo: TV3)

Key doubts a unilateral 'Google tax' would work

Mon 27 Jun 3

John Key said officials were sceptical that a tax based on the declared annual turnover in New Zealand by multi-nationals such as Google or Facebook would collect much revenue. With special feature audio.

Sky TV chief financial officer Jason Hollingworth

Sky safe from Vodafone tax risk


Sky TV says its shareholders will be protected against any future tax challenge of Vodafone by the IRD if their merger goes ahead.


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