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Man behind rogue Colin Craig website reveals himself

Max Coyle (LinkedIn)

One-time Green Party candidate behind parody site. UPDATED with comment from perpetrator Max Coyle | Colin Craig sees possible Electoral Act breach.

High Court gives Dotcom deadline to reveal assets

Kim Dotcom manages to squeeze a couple of Internet Mana placards onto the lawn of his $25m rented mansion

Vodafone NZ sheds 13,000 customers

Vodafone NZ CEO Russell Stanners

After being 'purged' by Tony Abbott, ex-Telecom, Vodafone NZ exec becomes DDB Sydney boss

Kieren Cooney

New all-of-govt website launches

Simple is good gives you a single view of everything — and is the first fruit of a Common Web Platform initiative involving Wellington's Silverstripe and Telecom's Revera unit.