Spark CEO Simon Moutter and Vodafone NZ CEO Russell Stanners at today's announcement. "It's a very smart move by [Spark CEO Simon] Moutter and the other players which now makes it essentially impossible to justify another cable," a Pacific Fibre alumni told NBR when the Tasman Global Access Cable was first announced. A second cable on the juicy trans-Tasman leg ruins the economics of a new US-NZ-Australia cable, which could threaten the 50% Spark-owned Southern Cross Cable.

Spark, Telstra, Vodafone confirm transtasman cable — and say CallPlus took a pass

Thu 18 Dec 14 5

UPDATED with comment from CallPlus CEO Mark Callander.

Kim Dotcom (TV3)

Dotcom to affirm legal team for extradition case

Tue 16 Dec 14 1

The accused internet pirate is lawyering up (again). 

Chorus CEO Mark Ratcliffe

RAW DATA: TrueNet December 2014 - NZ Broadband Speed Accelerates in 2014

Tue 16 Dec 14

With the recent publication of Chorus customer numbers for each technology, TrueNet can now publish a reliable NZ wide speed calculation.

Forensic computer consultant Daniel Ayers

IT expert Ayers sues LexisNexis for defamation

Tue 16 Dec 14

Forensic computer consultant claims publisher ran two responses to a column on EnCase software that defamed him.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot (3News)

Abbott govt scales back Aussie equivalent to our UFB

Mon 15 Dec 14 2

Australia and NZ take opposite tacks on broadband.

BMW X3 20D (from $94,400)

BMW ConnectedDrive: on the road with the internet of things

Sun 14 Dec 14

Always-on internet; an always-on human within reach; and a seriously cool, jet fighter style heads-up display.


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