Leaders of TPP member states and prospective member states at a TPP summit in 2010.

Editor's Insight: TPP survives latest twists and turns

Fri 15 May 1

Nevil Gibson discusses the next move is another vote on trade bills in the US Senate on NBR Radio, and on-demand on MyNBR Radio.

President Barack Obama

TPP breakthrough: US Senate clears fast-track hurdle

Fri 15 May 1

Senate votes in favour of trade bill that was blocked earlier in the week.

International arbitration lawyer Gary Born

Without TPP, Asia may be more unequal – legal expert

Fri 15 May 3

TPP investment laws are being built to establish a level playing field for all member countries.

NBR Radio: Foreign affairs scope

Wed 13 May

Nathan Smith gives his expert analysis on the big stories this week in foreign affairs on NBR Radio, and on-demand on MyNBR Radio.

President Barack Obama

TPP setback: US Democrats block fast-track bill

Wed 13 May 1

This is a major defeat for the president and supporters of the Trans Pacific Partnership.

NBR Radio: Mac-attack

Fri 1 May

Jason Walls provides a wrap up of the week’s macroeconomic news and events on NBR Radio, and on-demand on MyNBR Radio.


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