Associate Transport minister Craig Foss

SUBSCRIBER-ONLY POLL RESULT: Should there be regulatory reform to enable Uber?

Thu 22 Jan 15

A majority of NBR member subscribers polled believe there should be regulatory reform to enable Uber.

Whangarei Uber's trademark agent Murray Stott

ISP won’t back down from Uber legal fight

Tue 20 Jan 15 2

David v Goliath battle looms between Whangarei ISP and global company.

65 ton piece of ship - from the recovery site

Rena report: arrival time unrealistic

Thu 18 Dec 14

An interim report had already found the crew had deviated from its intended course.

Anti-Uber hysteria

Thu 11 Dec 14 4

Uber cuts out the traditional middle man – the taxi company.

Brian Souter

Backer of new long-distance bus services says price and consistency will fuel demand

Thu 30 Oct 14 1 launches with comments from Brian Souter


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