Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler (Rob Hosking)

Growth data shows underlying economic strength

Thu 19 Mar 15

Private spending is up 3.2% for the year, below the GDP increase: business investment is up 6.0%. 

Treasury Acting Secretary Vicky Robertson

Treasury to put more acid on Crown entity boards

Wed 25 Feb 15 2

"What we're really focusing on is that we've actually tested this advice by a really strong group of external people who are saying actually you've got something here that's needs focusing on"

English at this morning's lock-up briefing

Govt surplus target slips despite 'rock solid' economy

Tue 16 Dec 14 2

Economic "engine" is larger, even as the tax gatherer's friend — inflation — takes a holiday. 

Finance Minister Bill English (TV3)

Treasury papers show pressure on surplus target

Fri 21 Nov 14

Documents show public sector wage demands could blow out the government's balanced budget.

Finance Minister Bill English warned the tax take could come in below forecast in the current financial year,

NZ govt deficit in line with forecast

Fri 7 Nov 14

income, company tax offset lower GST.

Secretary Makhlouf says increasingly we are facing up to the challenge that economic actors operate in complex ways and not according to straightforward and predictable scientific formulae

Treasury thinking more laterally about driving social achievement, Makhlouf says

Wed 5 Nov 14 3

A more holistic approach is being taken, Secretary Gabriel Makhlouf says.


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