Telecommunications Users' Association (Tuanz) chief executive Craig Young

Continued investment needed to connect rural New Zealand to its future

Fri 13 May 3

OPINION: New Zealand is rural at heart. With special feature audio.

Tuanz chief executive Craig Young

No dividend for Chorus' largest shareholder

Fri 19 Feb 2

PLUS: Lobbyist on whether Chorus' dividend should have remained suspended until the wait-time mess is sorted.

Commerce Commission Telecommunications Commissioner Stephen Gale

Chorus says ComCom decision will add $120m to annual operating earnings

Tue 15 Dec 4

Chorus is celebrating the boost to annual earnings from the corporatate regulator's latest decision while bemoaning that it won't be backdated and telco retailers and consumers are dismayed - with special audio feature.

Tuanz chief executive Craig Young

Tuanz widens focus as Xero, others come aboard

Fri 2 Oct

InternetNZ Lite? Chief executive defends switch in direction.

Tuanz chief executive Craig Young

Tuanz wants govt to look at funding user advocacy groups

Fri 14 Aug

Should customer advocacy groups get Crown funding, as in Australia? NBR suggests a quid pro quo.

Tuanz CEO Craig Young

ASK ME ANYTHING: New Tuanz CEO Craig Young

Wed 3 Dec 30

A Chorus manager takes charge at a lobby group that has been one of the company's biggest critics. Here are his replies to reader questions:


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