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Tuanz boss Paul Brislen quits for PR role

Departing Tuanz CEO Paul Brislen

TUANZ welcomes Vodafone's offer (but does Big Red understand what it's saying?)

Paul Brislen

Gigacountry: the UFB up north

Paul Brislen

Paul Brislen goes to Whangarei to look at the city's UFB rollout 

The #coppertax conundrum - Part 2

Tuanz CEO Paul Brislen at Coalition for Fair Internet Pricing launch

Hope from across the Tasman as regulator, govt grapple over Chorus

Chorus CEO Mark Ratcliffe

Strawman: How to save the New Zealand economy

Tuanz head Paul Brislen

GUEST OPINION: Kim Dotcom's cable plan means a mega data centre requiring titantic amounts of power - which New Zealand could deliver.