Lightbox CEO Kym Niblock if a court clarifies in favour of global mode, it will influence what her company is willing to pay for NZ rights

Court case to be filed against CallPlus, global mode provider BNSL — insider

Thu 16 Apr 15 12

Hollywood studios and TV series makers will join big media companies to file an action in High Court at Auckland this Friday or Monday.

CallPlus CEO Mark Callander

D-Day for global mode: CallPlus rejects cease-and-desist letter

Thu 16 Apr 15 25

Sky TV, Spark, TVNZ and MediaWorks respond.

BNSL commercial director Matthew Jackson, chief executive Patrick Jordan-Smith and marketing executive Meghan Dawson (Chris Keall)

D-Day for global mode: BNSL responds to Buddle Findlay with a flame-thrower

Wed 15 Apr 15 19

BNSL lets fly at Sky TV, Spark, MediaWorks & TVNZ. But smaller ISPs are folding left and right ahead of today's 5pm deadline.

CallPlus-owned Slingshot takes a dig at MediaWorks on Twitter

Callplus leaves global mode company dangling

Fri 10 Apr 15

PLUS: A move offshore? BNSL responds | Slingshot takes a cheeky shot at MediaWorks | Yet another theory on the reasons behind the legal action

Copyright chilling effects: New Zealand geo-unblocking edition

Thu 9 Apr 15 2

Eric Crampton on the rights-holders' cease and desist letter to New Zealand ISPs offering "Global Mode" services.

CallPlus CEO Mark Callander

Global Mode company says it will complain to ComCom; releases letter from Sky TV, Spark, TVNZ & MediaWorks

Wed 8 Apr 15 6

Bypass Network Services and the ISPs it supplies given a deadline.


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