Rodney Hide

Hide partially wins complaint against NZ Herald

Fri 8 Apr 23

Rodney Hide has partially won a Press Council complaint against the NZ Herald in which he took issue with a journalist’s personal tweet.

MediaWorks' The Bachelor (TV3)

Media Matters: A batty bonanza of Bachelor coverage

Thu 24 Mar

Bachelor clicks beat competitive conflicts, Twitter turns 10 & NZME’s TV news. With special feature audio.

Former IAEA director general Mohammed El Baradei

Nothing to see here: why the Arab Spring cannot happen in the West

Fri 18 Mar 8

OPINION: What were Westerners thinking while the Arab Spring played out? With special audio feature.

Anderson Lloyd partner Nic Soper

Facebook, Twitter trigger push for defamation change

Thu 3 Mar

Businesses should shoot first and ask questions later when it comes to social media defamation, a laywer says. With special feature audio.

Hidesight: Wordsmiths cross swords in dictionary ding dong

Fri 29 Jan

I have had beside me for 30 years my Oxford English Dictionary, wherever I have had a desk


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