Communications Minister Amy Adams

UFB connection numbers rise

Fri 26 Jun 1

And Amy Adams makes a slightly suspect comparison with Singapore.

Communications Minister Amy Adams (Chris Keall)

UFB rollout hits halfway: 3 reasons uptake has been so lousy so far

Fri 19 Jun 26

Why the miserable connection rate? Three reasons.

Communications Minister Amy Adams (Chris Keall)

Speeding up UFB a good idea?

Thu 11 Jun 2

NBR ONLINE readers roll out their views on "deemed consent".

Amy Adams (Chris Keall)

Adams proposes ‘deemed consent’ to speed UFB deployment for right-of-ways, apartments

Tue 9 Jun 19

In the face of sluggish UFB uptake, the communications minister overcomes her previous aversion to a little property rights invasion to speed the fibre rollout.

Communications Minister Amy Adams (Chris Keall)

$360m broadband top-up: Adams confirms smaller players are in the running

Wed 27 May 6

Chorus and Vodafone's worst fears confirmed.


Chris Keall talks about the UFB rollout on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

Chorus CEO Mark Ratcliffe

Chorus says RMA fix needed as fibre rollout stumbles on shared driveways, multi-unit homes

Tue 26 May 6

The median time to complete a fibre installation in a simple property, such as a stand-alone house is 18 days, chief executive Mark Ratcliffe said.


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