Vocus general manager of consumer Taryn Hamilton (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

UFB will lead to more customers switching ISPs: Vocus exec

Wed 17 Aug 2

ISP boss takes pot shots at Stuff Fibre, but it's not all negative. PLUS: Will Vocus pull back on advertising with Fairfax after the Stuff Fibre launch? With special feature audio and video.

Communications Minister Amy Adams

Quarter of those within reach of fibre now signed up to a UFB plan

Mon 8 Aug 4

It might be causing pain to Chorus customers frustrated by increasing wait times, but the UFB has now well and truly hit tipping point.

Communications Minister Amy Adams

Telco law review favours consumers over investors, First NZ says

Fri 15 Jul 2

The government wants to have the new regime in place from 2020. With special feature audio.

Tuanz chief executive Craig Young

Sky-Vodafone merger and, yes, Pokemon Go hang over Telco Act review

Tue 12 Jul

PLUS: Chorus will be able to force copper migration | Net neutrality at risk | Options paper has positive news for Sky, Vodafone and Chorus. With special feature audio.


Richard Samans

Editor's Insight: How well is broadband delivering economically for NZ?

Tue 12 Jul 4

New Zealand retains last year's place in a new world ranking of network-readiness. With special feature audio.

Communications Minister Amy Adams

Adams proposes hybrid price regulation for telco networks

Tue 12 Jul 3

The government had already signalled plans to change the way prices are regulated. With special feature audio.


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