Communications Minister Amy Adams

Telco law review favours consumers over investors, First NZ says

Fri 15 Jul 2

The government wants to have the new regime in place from 2020. With special feature audio.

Tuanz chief executive Craig Young

Sky-Vodafone merger and, yes, Pokemon Go hang over Telco Act review

Tue 12 Jul

PLUS: Chorus will be able to force copper migration | Net neutrality at risk | Options paper has positive news for Sky, Vodafone and Chorus. With special feature audio.


Richard Samans

Editor's Insight: How well is broadband delivering economically for NZ?

Tue 12 Jul 4

New Zealand retains last year's place in a new world ranking of network-readiness. With special feature audio.

Communications Minister Amy Adams

Adams proposes hybrid price regulation for telco networks

Tue 12 Jul 3

The government had already signalled plans to change the way prices are regulated. With special feature audio.

Chorus chief executive Mark Ratlciffe

'Ultra-shoddy' installations: Chorus boss updates on UFB crew numbers, capex impact

Fri 8 Jul 9

With special feature audio: Chorus boss Mark Ratcliffe on the scramble to keep up with UFB demand.

Spark's Big Pipe lets users prioritise streaming video, other types of traffic

Mon 4 Jul 6

Such technology usually used for ill.


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